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Choose your stunning ceremony location!

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, Forrester Park has it all. Our couples have the option of having their ceremony either inside in our beautiful Forresters Suite, or outside in our gorgeous 'secret garden' with its gazebo and Millennium Lawn.


Nestled within the Essex countryside, our stunning grounds offer a spectacular backdrop to your day and provide everything you need for the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony.

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The Millennium Lawn

Outside ceremonies take place in the romantic 'secret garden' with its Millennium Lawn and gazebo. Offering your own secluded space within the beauty of the outdoors there's no wonder it leaves guests delighted.


The lawn will be set out with Chiavari chairs with your choice of sashes but the whole area is there to make uniquely yours. The bride enters through the heart gate and walks the length of the aisle to where the ceremony takes place under the gazebo.


There is plenty of room for up to 150 guests, but it is equally suitable for smaller gatherings. Don't worry about British weather, there is always a back-up plan in case the weather doesn't co-operate.

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The Forrester Suite & Inside

Those opting to hold their ceremony inside will not be disappointed. Our first floor Forresters Suite is equally as breathtaking and offers both a beautiful space and a canvas for your imagination.


Holding up to 150 for a ceremony it is the perfect space for you to add your own finishing touches. With air conditioning, natural light and its own bar and cloakrooms, this is a truly self-contained space for you and your guests.


Remember, it is your wedding

If you want it, we will try and do it!

If you've dreamt about your wedding day for a long time, you will have a good idea about what you want! So why not tell us? We are here to make your day come true so if you have an idea, no matter how crazy, let us know and we can set about making it happen. 

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